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Kitchen Cabinet for Maskiara Condominium at Taman Tun

7 years ago , Posted in Kitchen Cabinets , 14 Comments , Author JT DesiGn™

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet

This is a kitchen cabinet design with acrylic for Maskiara condominium located at Taman Tun, Petaling Jaya. Our designer is not only thinking of nice design but a nice and practical kitchen cabinet, so that you can fully functioning your working area in kitchen when your cooking moment. Most of latest condominium developed, kitchen cabinet will always be at front and seen as first impression of a house. Then, this is the reason why we need to have a well designed kitchen cabinet.

At different centuries, kitchen cabinet is still the most important part in a home as it makes our family reunion all the time and it is the best place to serve foods and drinks for a family or even to serve the friends who having a gathering.

If you have a unit in Maskiara Condominium, please do not hesitate to contact us for free on-site measurement and free design consultation for your kitchen cabinet, wardrobe design, tv cabinet and others. We charge nothing for on-site measurement(within klang valley only) and design consultation.

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  1. 2/02/2013 (Azni Bt Khairul) says:

    This is nice! How much does it cost for this design? Really appreciate if i get your prompt response! Thanks!

  2. 2/02/2013 (JT DesiGn) says:

    Hi Azni, good morning!
    Thanks for being interested in our design. We have already sent you email with the price of this design. But dimension affects the pricing unless your unit is almost same dimension. So that the pricing would not go to a big differences. Please feel free to contact us for free on-site measurement if needed. =)

  3. 2/02/2013 (Azni Bt Khairul) says:

    Hi! I have already received your email. The price is really reasonable.
    I will contact you for measuring my kitchen after my renovation works complete.
    By the way, thanks for your prompt reply!

  4. 3/02/2013 (JT DesiGn) says:

    Sure! You can contact us at anytime when you need us. We will be there for you. We appreciate every inquiry and feedback from our customers. Therefore, we need to response to every feedback or inquiry as soon as possible. =)

  5. 26/03/2013 (AFFENDI) says:

    i like the design simple and nice. How much is the cost? Currently i’m looking for kitchen cabinet for my condo. what is the size of the cabinet?

  6. 26/03/2013 (JT DesiGn) says:

    Hi Affendi,
    Thank you for being interested in our kitchen cabinet design!
    Pricing for this design has been sent to your mailbox. Kindly check it out and feel free to contact us at anytime from 9am – 9pm, Monday to Sunday.

    We looking forward to hear from you.


  7. 17/12/2013 (terrance) says:


  8. 28/12/2013 (Jen) says:

    I am looking for simple kitchen cabinet design (one for wet and dry kitchen) – simple one straight side (dry) and L-shaped for wet kitchen. May I know different pricing for different materials used?
    Wet kitchen size (L-shaped): 11ft x 3ft x 2ft (with sink)
    Dry kitchen size (straight line shape): 10ft (l) X 2ft (w)x 3ft (h)

    1. Melamine ABS (base and top cabinets)
    2. Quartz stone top
    3. Solid surface top
    4. Granite

    Can I know the price per foot run for the above? Any promotion now for year end?

    Also, need your help to design three wardrobes for room. How do you charge for the following dimensions using laminated wood for (i) anti-jump sliding door with sand blasted glass doors or (ii) swing door? Just want to compare the price difference for consideration.
    Room 1: 9ft by 9ft
    Room 2: For storage 8ft by 9ft
    Room 3: 5ft by 9ft


  9. 2/01/2015 (Kelvin) says:

    You have just done my kitchen cabinet. It’s nice. I am satisfied with your workmanship. Keep the good works up! =)

  10. 2/01/2015 (JT DesiGn™) says:

    Dear Kelvin, glad that you happy with our works. Please contact us at anytime if you need any assistance in the future. 🙂

  11. 11/01/2015 (mrs fadz) says:

    hi, nice design for that kitchen cabinet. can u email me the cost and material used? thx

  12. 11/01/2015 (JT DesiGn™) says:

    Hi Fadz,
    Thanks! Please provide a proper dimensions so that we can provide you a quote. Our email is display at the bottom of this page.

  13. 3/04/2015 (Sitifairuz) says:

    Hi.. Nice and modern.. How much does it cost..? my house is just completed and will get the key on July.. I’m looking for dry n wet kitchen.. Do you have any showroom or contact number..?

  14. 16/04/2015 (JT DesiGn™) says:

    Hi SitiFairuz,
    Kindly contact us by phone 014-338-2833 or by email inquiry@jtdesign.my. We will assign one of our sales designer to assist your inquiry. Thanks!

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