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Kitchen Cabinet Promotion Merdeka 2017

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Kitchen Cabinet Merdeka 2017 Package

Well! New kitchen cabinet promotion package launched. Since the day we launched the complete set that comes with kitchen cabinet and 3 sets of wardrobe, there were many asking about the package for “Only Kitchen”. Here we go. This is the package for “Only Kitchen”.

This kitchen cabinet promotion package, comes with a straight design with the length of 9ft(for top and bottom).

All These Are Yours

What will you get when you purchase this package? Let us tell you now. You will get Faber Slim Hood, Faber Gas Cooking Hob, 1-bowl sink, 1-spout water tap, soft-closing door hinges for all doors(left & right opening only), and a cutlery tray(basic).

Package Dimension & Materials

Base unit with HPL Worktop: 9 feet
Wall unit: 9 feet
Drawer: 3 nos

Door Style: Melamine ABS
Carcass: Compressed wood(MFC)
Worktop: HPL Postform Worktop

Upgrade for The Different & Better

Some of you might want to have the door style in 3G glass door, Acrylic door or 4G glass door. Below tells you how much to top up in order to get the door style that you want.

Door Style Upgrade

  • Add RM1,100 to upgrade door style to 3G glass door.
  • Add RM1,300 to upgrade door style to Acrylic door.
  • Add RM1,500 to upgrade door style to 4G glass door.

*all prices for door style upgrading listed above are subject to package dimension only
*upgrading is just for door style. End Panels will still remain melamine abs unless upgrade for end panels as well.

Material Upgrade

  • Add RM350 to get Blockboard sink carcass(regular: RM450)
  • Add RM750 to get Aluminium sink carcass(regular: RM950)

*max-width: 900mm or top up for extra if longer.
*Any option above is recommended to take as it lasts longer against pipe leakage.

Appliances & Accessories Upgrade

If you find the appliances/accessories provided in the package is not suitable for you, you have the option of upgrading to better by top up.

Best Deals

  • Solid surface worktop: RM150/feet(regular: RM170/feet)
  • Quartz stone worktop: RM190/feet(regular: RM240/feet)
  • Add RM150 to get 2-bowl sink(304 top mount series)
  • Add RM150 to get 2-spout faucet

*Promotion rate for solid surface and quartz stone worktop are only eligible for minimum order of 9ft length and above. Otherwise, normal rate is applied.

Contact Us

Why wait? Pick your phone up and contact us now to schedule an appointment for onsite visit. We don’t charge you for a single penny if your house is located within our coverage area.

We are reachable at 0143382833/0143380718. You may obtain more contact details on our contact information page.

Terms & Conditions

  • The material for package(RM3,950) is melamine abs + HPL worktop.
  • Cabinet is subject to standard height(700mm) and depth 300mm(for wall unit), 550mm(for base unit).
  • This package comes with appliances and accessories as mentioned “All These Are Yours”. Refer to banner.
  • Appliances and accessories must be sold along when choose this package.
  • No deduction is available if your kitchen is smaller than this package offers.
  • Top up at normal rate if your kitchen requires longer length to fit in.
  • No discount is available on promotion campaign and top up items.
  • Upfront payment for reservation of this package is non-refundable.
  • Free transportation and installation for houses located within our coverage area. Check with us if your place is covered. Outstation requires transportation.
  • 3D drawing will only be prepared when we received payment for order confirmation.
  • If customers want us to prepare the drawing prior to order confirmation, we will collect a RM800 per drawing as upfront payment(non refundable if customers decided NOT to engage with us).
  • 3D drawing for promotion banner is only for illustration purposes.
  • Plumbing and wiring works are EXCLUDED.
  • Customers shall assign their own plumber/electrician to fix their works accordingly.
  • If customers insist on our service for plumbing, there will be a charges(RM180) for labor. And, there is no warranty for pipe leakage issue.
  • This package valid till end of September 2017.

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