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Wardrobe Promotion 2019

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Promotion for Wardrobe Design 

Good news!
SAVE RM1,000 when you take this wardrobe package. This package comes with 1 set of 6ft sliding door wardrobe + 1 set of 6ft swing door wardrobe. 2 items only at RM5,149nett(regular: RM6,149)!!

Wardrobe Promotion

Looking for built-in wardrobes for your sweet rooms? Want both wardrobe to be sliding door? You have the option of upgrading to sliding door wardrobe from swing door wardrobe.

Upgrading to Sliding Door

  • Fully Melamine Board: RM150pfr
  • Melamine mixed with Frosted Glass: RM140pfr
  • Fully Frosted Glass: RM130pfr

*RM6/sqft will be charged for mirror on sliding door.

Mystery Gifts

While you purchase this package, you will receive a mystery gift from us during the time we install your wardrobe. It’s a thanksgiving gift from JT DesiGn™.

*The mystery gifts are available on a firstcomefirstserved basis and while stocks last.

FAQ on This 2 in 1 Wardrobe Package

  1. Q: I need 1 big wardrobe only. Can i merge them into 1 big wardrobe?
    A: Yes! 
  2. Q: Do i need to top up if both of them going to merge into 1 become 1 big 12ft swing door wardrobe?
    A: No. You don’t need to pay anything else to do so. Unless, you will only need to pay for the top up if both wardrobes to be merged into a big sliding door wardrobe.
  3. Q: Do i get any deduction on sliding door if both of them merged into a big swing door wardrobe?
    A: No. 
  4. Q: This package is so cheap, is it limited colors for me to choose?
    A: Basically, you can choose only 1 color for 1 set of wardrobe. But, you enjoy the freedom to choose any color from the color chart which you love the most.
  5. Q: Can i design my own inner compartment? Any extra charges?
    A: Basically, you can customize the inner compartment the way you like. But, for some inner compartment requires more materials or accessories, there will be some charges for it.
  6. Q: This package is so cheap. I can’t even get it somewhere else. Is the wardrobe totally empty?
    A: Nope. Even though we are offering such a cheap wardrobe package, but you will still get basic items in your wardrobe. You will get 3 nos of drawer for each unit of wardrobe, hanger rod, some standard quantity of shelves, inner divider, and 1 set of safety lock to secure your valuable items.
  7. Q: The package is so cheap, is the quality of wood a low quality?
    A: No. Even though we offer a very low price wardrobe package, but we insist on product quality. Make sure each product fabricated and installed properly. We encourage customers to check the products we have installed before paying us the remaining balance.
  8. Q: Do you provide any warranty on your products?
    A: Yes! We provide 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects only. Bear in mind that, the warranty does not cover the damages dues to wear and tear.
  9. Q: What is the material of this wardrobe?
    A: It’s melamine abs

Terms & conditions for 2 in 1 Wardrobe Package

  • Package comes with 2 sets of 6ft wardrobe. 1 set of swing door wardrobe and 1 set of sliding door wardrobe.
  • Sliding door wardrobe subject to standard design(bottom sliding door, top portion swing door).
  • Both wardrobes can be merged into 1 wardrobe.
  • Top up is required if merge both as sliding door wardrobe.
  • No discount is available if merge both as swing door wardrobe.
  • In order to take this package, no downgrading is available;
  • Which means, you can only upgrading to Sliding Door wardrobe from Swing Door wardrobe. Downgrading to Swing Door wardrobe from Sliding Door wardrobe is not available.
  • Each wardrobe comes with 3 nos of drawers, and 1 end panel.
  • 1 more End Panel will be charged if both sides(left & right) are not attach to wall.
  • The wardrobe in the package is subject to a maximum height of 3000mm. Additional will be charged if your ceiling height is more than 3000mm.
  • No discount on promotional campaign.
  • This package valid till’ further notice.

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